Debit, but not Credit Cards

2016-02-19_16-04-04We recently discovered that some Merchant Providers will set up your TouchPoint account to require congregants to use their bank accounts or their debit cards for all online transactions – both giving and registrations. In other words, the church would not allow use of credit cards online at all.

In light of this, we created a new Setting named DebitCreditLabel. When you add this Setting to your database, you can decide how you want the label to appear on the payment page where people enter their payment information. If you do not allow the use of credit cards at all, you could add this setting and make the value = Debit Card. The default is Debit/Credit Card.

We know that TransNational will set up your account like this. If you use another provider, please check with them about this option if you are interested.

By the way, we also have a Setting in TouchPoint to disallow the use of credit cards for online giving only. This is different than the above-mentioned Setting. To disallow use of credit cards for everything through TouchPoint, your Merchant Provider must set that up. To disallow credit cards just for online giving (that includes recurring giving), you can add the setting.NoCreditCardGiving = true. Both of these option are described in the Settings help article.

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