Prefix Sorting on Guests/Absentees Contact Report

New ImageWhen we hear of a change that will enhance ministry and is easily applicable to many churches, not just specific to one church, we are anxious to do it. That was the case with the addition of  the prefix sorting option for the Guests/Absentees Contact Report. This is the report that you access from a specific meeting. It lists your guests and absent members, giving the same sort of information on the normal Contact Report.

We added the option to enter a sub-group prefix before running the report. This will sort by those sub-groups with that prefix in their name, printing the sub-group name in the header. Each sub-group will start on a new page. This means that the guests will appear at the beginning of the report, and the header will display No Sub-Group.

One use case is a class that has sub-groups for various school grades and they want the group leaders to contact absent members each week. By using the prefix of those sub-groups, each leader can be handed the report for just his absent members, making it very simple for him to contact them.

If you are not familiar with this report, you should check it out. It contains a lot of helpful information and might be something you would need for one of your classes.

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