Check-In Control: Old Report, New Option

2016-02-16_10-08-55We picked this up, blew off the dust and made it better!

Many of you may not realize that this reports exists. It is the Check-In Control Report and is run from the Organization Search/Manage page for a specified Schedule and optional Program and Division. You select the report from the Blue Toolbar,  select a date and run the report. But now you have a checkbox option for an Excel Export, in lieu of the normal PDF version.

If you are like me, you probably always prefer Excel for this type of report. Why didn’t we do that originally? It’s a long story, so I won’t bore you. Short version: this report was not something any of us thought we needed, but very quickly threw together as a sample a long time ago, modeling it on the existing Enrollment Control Report. Then, believe it or not, we sort of forgot about it. (Yes, that happens.)

The report is actually a pretty cool feature. If you use check-in, you can wait until after everyone should be checked in for a given hour, run the report and have an alphabetical list of everyone who has checked in, along with the  name and location of their class and their attend type. See! I told you it was a cool report.

It actually looks at attendance, not whether you used check-in or not. So, you can run the report for any group of organizations to get a list of everyone marked present for a given date.

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