New Email Features!

New ImageWe have two new features relating to email that I know you will be very excited about. One feature allows you to add another recipient (by finding them in the database) just before sending your email. The other lets you CC an email address (which does not need to match anyone in the database).

Add Another Person

This is so simple. Click the + sign to the right of the recipients. This opens the normal Search/Add dialog, allowing you to find a person and add them as a recipient. You will receive warning messages if 1) the person does not have an active email address; or 2) the person is already included in the original list of recipients. In both of these cases, the person will not be added.

Send a Copy

Again – so simple! Check the box Add CC/Reply-To, and enter one or more email addresses separated by commas. The email will be copied to those addresses. Also, if a normal recipient replies, the reply goes, not only to the sender, but also to anyone copied on the email.

A Word of Thank You

Not only do we have two wonderful new features that will prove to be extremely helpful, we have an added bonus. Two of our developer friends at Good Shepherd Baptist Church wrote the code for these features and donated it to the open source project. We are so pleased to have Heath and Nathan volunteering their expertise and participating in making TouchPoint a better product for ministry. Thank you both!

By the way, no code gets added to the project without first passing muster with us. Whenever a developer wants to participate by adding a feature to TouchPoint, we take the code through the same rigorous examination and testing as if we created it ourselves. Heath and Nathan’s work certainly passed the test! Great work, guys!

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3 thoughts on “New Email Features!

  1. Lisa Van Aken

    THIS IS AWESOME!! Thank you bunches for adding this feature! I have needed it so many times to keep our pastoral staff in the loop. Blessings to Heath and Nathan for creating it and TouchPoint for allowing the rest of us to use it.

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  2. heathkouns

    Karen, thanks for the kind words. It was a pleasure working on this project.
    Lisa, notification of Pastoral Staff was a big driver for us as well. it was the primary reason we wanted to add the “Additional Recipient” feature.

    I would like to share a couple ideas that drove us to add the CC/Reply-To feature.

    => Using the feature to Copy someone (CC)
    1) Use for Accountability/Transparency. (Normal recipients are told that the email was CC’d to specific addresses)
    2) Add a Mailing List Address to an email. (e.g. copy the Finance team on an email to congregation about the upcoming Budget)
    3) Add outside person who is not in the system (e.g. Youth Pastor sends an email about upcoming outing at a Laser Tag facility and wants to copy the manager of the Laser Tag facility for their information)

    => Using the feature to allow a recipient to respond to multiple people (Reply-To)
    4) Respond to Mailing List (e.g. Congregation can reply to entire finance team with questions about a budget email)
    5) Facilitating Co-Leaders (e.g. – Children’s camp is being coordinated by two people… and they want to both be copied on responses to an information email they sent about camp)



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