We Conquered the Auto-Fill Beast!

I am referring to the infernal auto-fill for passwords! Sometimes, that a great help. However, when setting up a user account in TouchPoint, you certainly do not want your password to auto-fill for someone else’s user account. You especially do not like it when you save the changes without removing your password; because, then the user can’t log in, unless they know your password! What an annoying thing. They call or they let you know they had to click Forgot Password, when they really did not forget it; you accidentally changed it.

Good news! We have tried before, but somehow the all-powerful browser managed to find a way around our fix, ignoring our auto-complete = off request.  And they would start auto-filling again in places where you do not want them to do so.

This time we we used a bit fancier footwork and believe we have won the battle for good. Keep your fingers crossed and be sure to restart your browser for this to take effect.

Believe me, we have all been annoyed by this! So, glad this nightmare has ended.

PS  OK, I suppose I do exaggerate just a bit. But I know you are glad this is fixed.

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