SB Condition: Family Has Contacts

SearchCan you believe it? We added yet another Condition in Search Builder! When a new condition can help improve ministry, we want to create it. In this instance, the new Condition is Family Has Contacts.

Possible Use Case:

Run a search for children that have been guests in the past X number of days. Add this new Condition Family Has Contacts and set it as Equal False. This will return recent guests without a contact to any family member. After getting the results (the children) you could then add either Parents Only (to view just the parents) or Add Primary Adults, to see both children and the parents. Tasks could then be assigned for a contact to be made to the parents of the children who have visited recently.

There are any number of use cases, depending on what you are trying to find. By looking at the family instead of just the individuals, you will avoid assuming that no one has been contacted. You may be looking at recent guests in Children’s Ministry, and they may not have received a Contact. However, they may have a sibling in Student Ministry who has been contacted.

You can also use that Condition set to True to find everyone in a family that has ever had a Contact. Not sure why you’d do that, but you can!

You are creative people! I know you will find other ways to use this new Condition as you minister to your families.

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