New Email Replacements Codes

New ImageEmail replacement codes are those special words you can insert into an email (inside curly braces) and the recipient will see something else, not the code. For example: {first} will display the recipient’s first name. TouchPoint has a lot of these that you can use in emails. Some of these can be used in any emails, others must be in a confirmation, and others must be sent from an organization.

Heath, a developer who attends one of our TouchPoint churches, has created 3 new codes that were added to the open source project.

Two codes relate to contribution statements, and would be helpful for the finance office to use in emails to verify that they have your donors’ correct preferences.

  • {estatement} -If Electronic Statement is not checked on the recipient’s record, this will display: Printed Statement in Addition to Online Option. If it is checked, it will display: Online Electronic Statement Only.
  • {statement} – This will display either Individual, Joint, or None, based on the selection on the person’s record.

The other code relates to text messaging – SMS.

  • {receivesms} – This will display either Yes or No, based on the checkbox on their record regarding receiving text messages.

Check out all the options we have for email replacements, including these 3 new ones.

Thank you, Heath!

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