Already Enrolled Message

TipsWe have received a couple of support requests recently about the message “already enrolled in org (ID#) with same schedule”. This is the error message that you get sometimes when trying add a person to an organization. So, to avoid further confusion, we have taken action and done several things.

  1. We changed the text of the message to make it clearer why you are seeing it and what to do about it.
  2. We included a link to a help article right there in the error message. It’s impossible to include all you might want to know in one little pop-up message.
  3. I’m blogging about it, so if you have not already encountered this message, you will be one step ahead when you do.

Here’s what’s happening and what you should do when you get that message:

You are trying to enroll a person in a class when they are already enrolled in a class that meets at the same time. If you believe the laws of physics, you cannot really be in more than one place at the same time. (Don’t email me about Shrodinger’s cat!) Therefore, you cannot attend 2 classes that meet at the same time.

The message is for your protection and is to let you know you should do one of the following:

  • Move the person from the existing class to the new one.
  • Drop them from one class and then enroll them in the other one.
  • Change their Member Type in the original class to In-Service, and then enroll them in the new class.
  • Set one of the orgs to “allow attendance overlap”.

The last option actually does let you boldly defy the laws of physics and not only enrolled the person in 2 classes that meet at the same time, but also mark that person present in both classes . But, as with all defiant acts, caution should be applied. There are special use cases for this. Read more..about “Attendance Settings”.

All of this is related to how careful we are about tracking attendance. This little nutshell cannot contain all of the information.

Read more..about “Already a Member”.

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