New SQL Script – Registration Email Different from Personal Record

You don’t have to love SQL or even know what it is to create this script in your database. I’m sure you have noticed in recent blogs posts that we have begun mentioning Python and SQL and how they are used in TouchPoint. That’s because we are discovering more and more uses for these tools and want to share them with you.

The feature today is a script that creates a report of everyone who registered online for any event and used an email address that was different from the email address on their personal record.

Sometimes when registering, people mistype their email address, and when you send emails to the organization, their emails are bounced back as undeliverable. Glancing through this report gives you an opportunity to check those and make any corrections that are necessary.

The report has a link to the person’s record, making it simple go back and forth between the report and individual’s records, making any changes that are needed. The report also displays the name of the registration, so when viewing the person’s record, you can click the Member Dialog for that org and fix or even remove the Register Email.

If this sounds like something you’d like to see in your database, you will want to read the documentation that walks you through creating this script. We even give you the code that your System Admin can copy and paste into your database! How easy is that?

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PS  For security reasons, we never automatically change a person’s email address based on the Register Email. We do encourage registrants to create an account and keep their personal information up-to-date.

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