New Feature – Add Questions in Member Dialog for Online Registrations

Organization Member Dialog is really turning into a workhouse in TouchPoint. There are so many actions that can be performed while in this dialog box, from changing a Member Type to creating Transactions and other options in between. As if that weren’t enough, we added even more functionality – the ability to Add Questions from an online registration to the member dialog, even if the person did not register online.

We had already improved how we display a registrant’s answers for online registration questions. We made them much more legible, and included the questions as well as the person’s answers. And you could already edit any answers that resulted in a sub-group on the Groups tab of the dialog box.

Now, if you have an online registration with questions that are important to track and yet you have someone that can’t (or won’t) register online, you can use the Add Questions button to have the questions from the registration display on the person’s Member Dialog > Questions tab. Then you can return and add their answers. I think this is a tremendous feature!

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One thought on “New Feature – Add Questions in Member Dialog for Online Registrations

  1. heathkouns

    THIS IS AWESOME!!! I get faced with the question all the time: “What is the best way to add so-and-so to the org? … they didn’t register online but I need to add them.”

    Usually it is due to a bulletin insert form being ran in parallel with the online registration.

    I concur, it is a Tremendous Feature!!! Thanks!



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