New Search Builder Condition and Report for Giving Change

easybuttonOver the years, we have added a number of new conditions to Search Builder as the need arose. In this case, we created a new condition because, to be frank, our previous condition for tracking giving changes was just not that easy to understand.

So, we have a new condition named Giving Change. It is easy to use and understand, and will find people whose giving has changed from one period to another – either increasing or decreasing – using whatever percent you choose.

This is a great way to find people whose giving has not only increased or decreased from the previous year, but also anyone who has just started giving or who has completely stopped giving. You can combine this condition with other conditions, such as Church Member Status, Recent Attendance, enrollment in a specific type of organization, etc. in order to narrow the focus.

Because giving is one of the two basic metrics you can use to evaluate your ministry (attendance is the other one), and as part of our desire to simply your life, we also created a SQL script that you can copy and add to your database to create a custom report based on this new condition.

You will definitely want to read more.

PS  You need Finance role in order to return any results using this condition or to run the custom report. By the way, we plan to remove the old, confusing condition mentioned above.

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