Preview Attendance Notices Before Emailing

TipsDid you know that you can view the attendance notices prior to actually emailing them to your leaders? Well, you can!

Filter on Organizations > Search / Manage to find the organizations for which you want attendance notices. Then select from the toolbar Email > Preview Attendance Notices.

This is a great way for a staff member to keep up with the organizations he leads, even if he is not enrolled in the orgs and therefore would not receive the emails. That preview will allow him to scroll down and see on a class by class basis those who have consecutively missed the requisite number of times or more . And, like the email, there are links to the Meeting, the Organizations, the individuals’ people records and email addresses, and also their phone numbers. Oh, in addition to absent members, this also displays recent guests.

That’s all great information right at your fingertips if you want to follow-up with those individuals.

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