Finance Administrators-Pledge Fulfillment Report Sees Double!

ChurchDonationsMore and more churches seem to be using Pledges, and TouchPoint has several reports related to these special types of funds. One report in particular, the Pledge Fulfillment Report which lists every donor pledging and/or giving to the pledge fund, amount pledged, and more, now has another option.

This new option is not on the toolbar, but requires only a few small changes that you make to the URL. Once you do that, you will magically have a fulfillment report that shows not one pledge fund, but two pledge funds.…along with items such as the pledge amount, pledge date, amount given, the normal people data, and so forth…for each pledge fund side-by-side. Pretty nice, huh? It is well worth the small number of keystrokes it takes to create this report. I even created a tiny video to show you exactly what to do.

Oh, and once you create the URL for this Pledge fulfillment 2 Report, just “book ’em, Danno”! Bookmark it, that is. Then you can return and run it at any time, without having to make any edits to the URL. If you close one pledge fund and open a new one, just change the fund ID in the report URL and bookmark it again.

Read more and view the heart-stirring ‘short’ (that’s hip for a tiny little independent movie) about a lonely pledge fund who longed for a friend. OK, that’s a bunch of boloney…but it did stir my  heart to create it for you!

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