Volunteer Calendar-Add Instructions & Restrict Calendar to Specific Weeks

New ImageWe recently added a couple of new features to the Volunteer Calendar that I think you will find very useful. These features are not connected to each other, only in the fact that they both apply to the Volunteer Calendar.

The first feature allows the administrator of the calendar to add instructions that will display above the grid on the registration page for the volunteer. This is the page where they select the time slots they can work. You might want to let them know that they are expected to arrive 10 minutes before the actual time, or that you need them to select one time slot for only one week of the month to serve. Go to the organization you are using for you calendar, click on the Registration > Messages tab and then select Instructions > Options.

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The other feature allows you to restrict the volunteer calendar to just specified weeks of the month. For example: just display week 1 of every  month, or weeks 1 and 3 or every month. This allows you to use the calendar for special events that happen, for example, on the first Sunday of every month. It is also useful if you have a different lay leader managing the different weeks of the month. You could keep separate calendars for each week of the month so the lay leader would view and manage only that one organization – the one for that week. Click the link below and look at the green Tip to see exactly how to do this.

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