Attendance by Groups Report-Now Specify which Groups

New ImageMany large and small organizations use sub-groups for various purposes. Some use them for Care Groups, with a Group Leader who is responsible for shepherding that one group. Some orgs, like the choir, use them for voice parts.

Still others will use sub-groups for locations. If the organization is very large, they will have the sub-groups meet in different rooms. A good example would be an online registration, during which everyone registers for the Wed. 6:30 PM class, and the number of locations are dependent on how many register. So, in this example, the org would have other sub-groups based on answers the person gave during the registration. Then the leaders would create sub-groups for each room / location.

So, the issue is this: with so many types of sub-groups in one organization, how can you view the Attendance by Groups Report without having to wade through all those groups that you don’t need to look at for attendance?

We have the answer! It is not on the menu, but it is very simple. It has one pre-requisite: the sub-groups for which you want to view the attendance report must have a prefix. It could by something like this: LOC: W123-Smith. The prefix is LOC followed by a colon and the rest of the name of the group. Then, by adding some secret sauce to the URL after running the report, only those groups with that prefix will display

We want you to check out the help article to get the full details on that secret sauce. Check out Use Case 2.

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