New TrackBirthdays Search

HappyBirthdayTouchPoint now has 3 options for the birthday list you view on your home page. The default is everyone in your Main Fellowship class that has a birthday in the upcoming 15 days. The second way (which has been available for a long time) is to create a TrackBirthdays Tag. This will display those in your tag that have upcoming birthdays within the next 15 days.

The newest feature is an improvement on the tag option. Tags are manually updated, but searches are updated each time they are run. So, our new feature is a TrackBirthdays Search, which allows you to create a search and save it using the name TrackBirthdays. Each day your list will update based on those in the search results.

You will want to read more about this, so that you create the search that gives you the results you want.

Read more.

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