Improvement for User Selects Registrations

User Selects is a Registration Type during which the registrant is asked to make a selection from a drop down list. It is great for posting one registration link and yet present several organizations / classes from which to choose.

However, the drop down itself is rather small, and sometimes people do not realize the need to make a selection until they receive a prompt reminding them to do so. We just solved that problem! We no longer present the list as a drop down; we now present it as a list with radio buttons.

Why is that better? Because the list stays on the page, not hidden in a drop down menu. No one will skip it now! The options to choose will stay right there in plain sight. Because we use radio buttons and not checkboxes, the registrant can select only one option, just like it was with the drop down menu.

But wait! There’s more! Well, not yet. But, there will be very soon. This change is just a small part of a really nice new feature for online registration.

Keep watching the blog for new posts. Better yet, subscribe!

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