Improved Logging and Reports

Systems Admins:

2015-07-01_16-18-42We admit it – it was time to improve our logging. Which is just what we are doing – logging more items with greater details. TouchPoint now has 3 reports / logs that you will want to check out.

The Activity Log is now tracking activities such as drops and adds for an organization, managing sub-groups, online registrations, and much more. We have search filters for User, Activity, Person, Last Date, and Look-Back Days.

The Registration History has also been improved, so now you can drill down to view a nice report of the registration form, with all the answers the registrant completed. We  also have search filters there as well.

The last item is the Registration Summary. This summary gives you a quick view of how many registrations have been completed for each active registration. Plus, you can drill down to the organization members or to the registration form.

We think you will appreciate these enhancements. We plan to continue adding more items to the log and making further improvements.These logs / reports are all located under Administration on the main menu.

Read more about the..
Activity Log
Registration History
Registration Summary




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