Contacts – Unlimited Contactees and More

We previously had a limit of 100 for the number of people that could be included as Contactees for a single Contact. Contacts for that many people are normally created using the Blue Toolbar from a Search Builder result list. There were several reasons for the limit, but I won’t bore you with those now.

Why would you need a single Contact with that many people?

You might want to capture as a Contact that you have mailed a card to large group of people. One example would be a followup card after  VBS, or a comment card after a seminar.

The point is we have now made the number of Contactees unlimited for a single Contact. Along with this come a few other changes in order to give you the best user experience when creating these types of Contacts.

Let me just list the changes:

  • You can create a single Contact for an unlimited number of Contactees.
  • If you have more than 100 Contactees, there will be an alert on the Contactee list.
  • Rather than list all the contactees, there is now a Convert to Search button on the Contactee list, so you can view the individuals included in the Contact.
  • The default tab on the Contact is now the Recipients (Contactees) list instead of the Ministry Team.
  • In order for the Convert to Search button to function, we added 2 new Conditions: Contact Recipients and Contact Maker. These require a Contact ID #.

We realized that this small change could bring ministry value to all of our TouchPoint family of churches, which is why we made this change now.

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