Keep Calm, Change Can Be Good

Thanks to your overwhelmingly positive response to the new UX and with your feedback, we have been able to address every issue that you brought to us. Therefore, it is time to move ahead.

If you remember our initial blog post when we introduced this, we gave you our reasons for the change: complete mobile-responsiveness; consistency throughout the application; beautiful, clean look; efficient use of space.

We hope you have been using the .work site and are getting acclimated to the new UX. Be sure you look at it, not only on your desktop, but also on your mobile device.

This change should be a smooth transition for you. We gave you sneak peek videos and made both sites available to you for the past 2 weeks. Some of you switched to .work and haven’t looked back.

This is your fair warning.

When you log in to your normal site on Tuesday, May 19th, the old will have become new. The .work site will no longer be available and everyone will be using the new UX.

As always, in the interest of providing the best user-experience possible, we will continue to make improvements and changes to TouchPoint. We already have a list of enhancements that we want to add. It’s a pretty long list!



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