Crop Circle

Yes, that is a crop circle in the photograph. But, what I really want to tell you about is a circle that let’s you adjust your personal photo in TouchPoint in the new UX.

This is not technically cropping, because you cannot not resize it. You can move the circle up and down or left and right, depending on the orientation of your photo. You want to get the important part of your picture inside the circle.

If your photo is not fitting nicely, and using this ‘crop circle’ does not give you what you want, just upload a new picture. By the way, the best type of photo to use on your people record is one that is head and shoulders…not just a head, and not an entire body.

Click on your photo to edit. Move the circle until you are happy with the way it looks. Then click Save Crop.


3 thoughts on “Crop Circle

  1. heathkouns

    I like the crop circle! I hope that in the future we can add a “Size of circle” feature, so that it is acting more like true cropping. The primary benefit is that we could use the same image as the “family” photo and then center a smaller circle on each person’s face. We have more Family photos than individual photos in our database… primarily from the periodic photo directories. Thanks.


  2. Karen Post author

    Thank you, Heath. We had already discussed this. But because it would be quite a bit more involved, we did the simplest thing that could possibly work. We plan to look into doing that later.


  3. Bill Kendall

    I agree with Heath, upon viewing our pictures in the new UI, I found that almost all of them need to be resized, and or recroped. Having to either capture them at the proper size or first crop in an image editing program and then upload and hope that they fit the circle is a lot of work and a bit hit or miss. Hope to see real cropping soon.



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