New User Experience (UX) Option

We are very excited about TouchPoint’s new UX, and now it is your turn to experience it! Your church’s System Admin has had access to the new UX for several days, but now everyone can see what all the excitement is all about. This is more than just a new look; it is a new user experience.

You will be able to work in either the old or the new UX, as both point to the same database. Before I tell you how to access it, I want to give you a word of caution:

1) Don’t send emails with links from the new UX.
2) Don’t assign Tasks from the new UX.
3) Don’t copy registration links to post publicly from the new UX.

Why? You will be using a temporary URL, so all links that are sent out should be done on the permanent URL – that is, your normal church URL.

You can access it now by using instead of (or in your church’s TouchPoint URL.

Remember, your church’s system Admin for TouchPoint, has already been able to access this for several days. So, that person should be able to help you if you have questions about logging on.

We have put many hours of thought and work into making this a better user experience for you. We hope you enjoy it! And a big thanks goes out to Brian and Mo who made this happen.

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