New Mobile-Responsive User Interface – Sneak Peek 1

kilroyYes, we are back with another series of very short sneak peek videos. This time the subject is our new user interface. Why a new interface? There are several reasons:

  1. Mobile-responsiveness – We are making the entire desktop application mobile-friendly. That means that every page, every dialog box, everything you do on your desktop has been re-designed to respond and work nicely on not only your desktop, but on any mobile device.
  2. Cleaner look – It was time for some sprucing up. In the spirit of spring renewal, we have been refreshing and giving a clean new look to everything in TouchPoint.
  3. Consistency – While we were putting on a new face, we have also been making things more consistent throughout the application. That will make a better user-experience for you.
  4. Efficiency – As we are making TouchPoint neater, cleaner, more consistent, and mobile-responsive, that, in turn, is making our use of screen space more efficient. The by-product should be a more efficient use of your time as a user.

Spend a  couple of minutes getting a glimpse at what is coming! And be sure to watch the rest of the series.

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