New SB Condition – Has Balance in Org

You can now, using Search Builder, specify a Program / Division / Organization (one, two or all three of those) to find individuals with balances due.

This new condition Has Balance in Org on the Enrollments tab allows you to find those across multiple organizations that have a balance.


You allow registrants to pay a deposit when they register online and then make monthly payments for music lessons or mother’s day out. You want to email reminders prior to the payments being due. Now you can find everyone  in your music program, for example, with a balance, and email them near the end of the month reminding them that their payments are due on the 1st of the month.

Of course, you can also use the Member Export to see payment information for an individual organization. And you could use Search Builder if you want those people with balances in just that one organization you were viewing (In Current Org). We added this new condition to broaden the scope of what you can do relating to payments.

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Remember, this is ministry software, not accounting software. However, with the existing features and this new condition, you can certainly allow monthly payments and send an email reminder that payments are due…and send only to those with a balance. Use the Member Export for each org or the Transactions Log to view the actual payments and balances.

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