Volunteer Calendar – New Small Group Filter

Our last blog post featured the new automatic sorting and filtering that we added to the Request Sub and Request More Volunteers page. Along with that, we have added some further filtering on that same page.

This filter uses small groups that have a special prefix of SG:. You create the small groups just like you would for any organization, just including the SG: in front of the name of the group.

Your Volunteer Calendar is used to manage the Greeters for Sunday morning. Some greet at the North Entrance and some greet at the South Entrance. Create 2 small groups, naming them SG:North and SG:South. Then, whenever someone needs a sub, they can use the filter to find those volunteers who normally work at the same entrance.

Maybe your calendar is used for Greeters and Baristas at your Sunday morning coffee bar. Create small groups named SG:Greeters and SG:Baristas so finding a replacement or extra volunteer will ensure you find someone that normally does that job.

This filter is on the page where you compose the email either to Request Sub or Request More Volunteers. It is just below the body of the email.

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