Volunteer Calendar Get Sub – New Feature

We just made life so much easier for those needing to request a substitute for their volunteer time slot and for those needing to request more volunteers for a specific day/time!

Previously, when someone needed a sub or the leader needed to request more volunteers, we presented everyone that did not already have a commitment for that day and time slot. And the option was to either email everyone of those not committed for that schedule or to select volunteers individually. For those enrolled in large volunteer organizations, they may not know many of the other volunteers. So, they would just email everyone. This meant that on a day when several volunteers needed subs, every volunteer might receive several emails requesting them to substitute.

You now have much better options! When you click “Get Sub” or “Request Volunteers” we have done some smart filtering / sorting for you. You will see those who are serving at that time slot (and you cannot select them, of course). Then you will see those who have the “same schedule / time slot but on different weeks” – probably your best group from which to find a sub. The next set of volunteers presented on that page are those with “a different schedule” –that is,  different time slots and different weeks. Within each group, you have the option to select all or to check individuals.

What a great feature! Why didn’t we think of that before?

Not using TouchPoint’s Volunteer Management Calendar? Then you are probably spending too much time emailing or calling back and forth to make sure every spot is covered and you are missing out on having a simple, easy-to-use, way to manage your volunteers. Remember the “Get Sub” and “Request Volunteers” I mentioned above? These are just a couple of time-saving features that help those of you managing volunteers. There is much more!

Check it out.

PS  We actually added 2 new features for Volunteer Management. I will tell you about the other one in another post.


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