New Schedule Email Option for Organizations

On the Blue Toolbar (when you are viewing an organization), there is now a new option – EMAIL > Current Members. When you make this selection and schedule an email to be sent in the future, the list of recipients is not generated until just before the email is to be sent.

This is different from the way scheduled emails works elsewhere within TouchPoint. When you use Search Builder or a Tag to get your list of recipients, and then schedule a future email, the recipient list does not change.

Use Case: We have an online Bible study, with new people registering throughout the entire semester. Study notes and links to videos, etc. are emailed to the organization members a couple of times a week. Now, those emails can be created far in advance, scheduled for the appropriate day / time, and the recipient list will be updated just before the email is actually sent.

This gives you the benefit of always sending to the most up-to-date list of organization members. Those that are added / enrolled after the emails are scheduled, will still receive the email; and anyone who is dropped from the organization will not receive it.

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