New Search Builder Condition: Family Member Has Status Flag

We have always said that using TouchPoint’s Search Builder, you can find any group of people in your database that you want. If you couldn’t, and if it was needed for ministry, we would add a new condition. That’s just what we did in this case.

The new condition is Family Member Has Status Flag. Create a search for a targeted group and then add this condition to find any family member of those in your search results that has (or does not have) a specific Status Flag. I think a use case illustrates it best.


You lead high schoolers and are interested in how many of them that are involved in your ministry have family members who are not active attenders. Use whatever conditions you need to find your group of high schoolers. Then add the new condition “Family Member Has Status Flag”, select the Status Flag “Active Attender” from the drop down menu, and set the comparison to “false”. Voila! Now you know which of your high schoolers have other family members that are not active.

Each church should have a Status Flag named Active Attender (because we put that in all databases). However, it may be named something else, or it may mean something different than it does for our church. Each church has control of its own Status Flags.

This new condition can be used for any Status Flag in your database. Get creative! Take time to explore Search Builder. You may be surprised at how easy it is to use, yet has so much capability for ministry. It is not just to find numbers – it’s always all about the people.

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