Another Mission Trip Link – For Website

In our previous post, we told you how you could copy and paste a Support Link straight from a person’s Member Dialog. Now, we want to tell you about a support link that you can post on your website.

This link is connected to a specific Mission Trip, and allows the donor to select a specific participant and make a donation to help reduce their balance, or to make a donation to the trip in general – in other words, not for a specific participant.

Of course, the support email sent by a participant is the easiest for the donor, because it finds their record in your database, and saves them that step.

However, this type of link can be posted on your website wherever you advertise your mission trips, and might garner some support from people that may not receive a support email from any of the participants who are going on the trip.

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One thought on “Another Mission Trip Link – For Website

  1. Kayan

    Super excited and impressed with this new functionality! It’s going to streamline and help our trips’ fundraising efforts tremendously. Good work!!



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