Family Picture Directory – New Feature

It’s here – the new Family Picture Directory! Just find the group for which you want a directory (an Organization, Tag, or Search Builder results), and select the option from the Toolbar. That’s how easy it is! There is no formatting necessary. The directory will open in Word with all Primary Adults and Children listed within each family.

Family Photo

If your church is like mine, many of your members are uploading their own family photos to their records. You can actually run a search to find out how many people have a family photo in your database. That condition is on the Family tab in Search Builder.

Along with this new directory, you can use a Family Extra Value called FamilyName if you need to specify how a family’s name will display. For example – if the husband and wife have different last names, you might not want the label to use the default and read The John Jones Family. You might prefer John Jones and Mary Williams Family.

By the way, if children have different last names from the parents, both their first and last names will display.

Thank you to Bobby Morgan at San Jose Church of Christ in Pensacola, FL, for taking the time to lay this out for us.

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4 thoughts on “Family Picture Directory – New Feature

    1. Karen Post author

      Yes. I have both Word and Pages on my Mac (Yosemite OS), and the directory opened in Word. However, I was able to save it and then reopen it with Pages. I did not see how to create the 2 columns (I am not familiar with Pages), but you can print 2 per page.


      1. steve

        Hmmm…. I’m doing something wrong, perhaps. If only one family in my group has a picture, will that cause problems? In the downloaded .docx file, opened with Pages 5.5.2, I see only one blank page. If I upload that .docx file to Google Drive, I see the family data for each family, including the single family with a picture. Formatting is really rough on Drive, though. If I open with Pages ’09, I see a rough directory, multiple pages, missing the picture. If I use Spotlight to search for .docx, the Spotlight pane shows the rough directory, sans the picture.


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