Emails: Sending to 300 or More Recipients

We recently made a change in how we send emails through BVCMS when your recipient list is 300 or more. This now uses our batch processor, which runs every 5 minutes on the hour. This is a more efficient use of resources.

The change you will notice is the message you see when you click the Send button. The dialog box will say “Your emails have been queued and will be sent“. This is the same message you see if you schedule an email to be sent later. Also, the Send button will disappear to prevent you from sending the email twice to the same people.

The difference between this and a scheduled email, is that your email will be sent within 5 minutes of your queuing it. In other words, the next time the 5 minute mark of the hour is reached after you click Send, the email will be sent.

So, if you click Send (queue your email) at 9:01 AM, your email will be sent at 9:05. If it is 10:22 AM, it will be sent at 10:25 AM.

Other than the message you see at the point you send your email, this really does not have an impact on you. However, we did want to explain it, so you would understand why the message is different.

Remember, you can see the details of your email when you go to your record and click Emails > Sent and then click the subject of the email. You will see the exact time the email was queued, when it finished sending and how long it took.

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