Organization Search / Manage – Changes Indicate Things to Come!

Did you notice the additions on the Organization > Search / Manage page? There is now a checkbox for Public View and there are more dropdown options under both Org Type and  Online Reg.

Org Type now lets you filter for online registrations that have fees (on the Settings > Fees tab) and those that do not have fees.

Online Reg has three new options: 1) any registration; 2) any registration that is not a pick list (that is, it lists the Master Orgs for User Selects and Compute by Birthday); or 3) any active registration.

The Public View checkbox will change the columns you will see on that page. Also, anyone with Edit role can edit the Organization’s Description right there on the page, instead of going to each individual org. The information displayed is helpful for online registrations and for the Small Group Finder.

However, the ultimate reason for these changes is to get prepared for our new mobile app that will be making its appearance sometime after the new year. That is why you will notice a column labeled App Order when you are in the Public View. This allows the Admin to set the order in which you want online registrations (you active events) to display to the public on that section of the mobile app.

So, take advantage of these new features now, but also be watching for our brand new app! You are going to love it!!

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PS  We have a name change coming, too.

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