Special Online Giving Funds – New Feature

This feature is perfect for churches that have a lot of funds that they want to make available for online giving. It allows you to keep the few funds that most donors will give to at the top of the page, just like they are now. However, using this new feature, you can also have a drop-down menu under those funds, that will allow the donors to give to any of the other funds you make available. They can even start typing part of the fund name to go directly to that fund!

All that is required, is for your Finance user to give these special funds an online sort ID # that is 100 or above. Then those funds will display in the drop-down menu for both onetime and recurring giving.

But a video is better than words!  Here’s a minute and a half video showing what this looks like for your donors.

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One thought on “Special Online Giving Funds – New Feature

  1. David

    Just wanted to mention that this feature was sponsored by our friends at First Evangelical Church right here in our home town of Memphis!



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