Search Builder Condition Regarding Managed Giving

More and more churches are making online giving available to their donors through BVCMS. This includes allowing donors to set up their online giving on a recurring schedule, so they don’t ever have to worry about forgetting to write a check or take their envelope to church with them.

As a result of this availability, more and more church members are taking advantage of this method of giving their tithes and offerings to their local church. It is also a great convenience for donors that give to your church, even though they do not live in your area or attend your church (other than viewing your services online). This saves them the added step of having to mail their donations.

Because of this growing interest in online giving, we have made several improvements relating to this. One of those is an addition to an existing Search Builder Condition.

You can now find everyone who is using recurring giving and gives to a specific fund. The Condition is on the Contributions tab in Search Builder. When you include this Condition in a search, you have the option now of including a Fund ID # to narrow the search to just those whose recurring giving includes donations to that fund.

Your church has a pledge drive to a Love Offering and you need to close the oldest Love Offering fund. This Condition allows you to find those with recurring online giving toward that fund you need to close, so you can notify them. They can manage their recurring giving and move their donations to the new fund before you close the old one.

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