Custom Reports

We are happy to announce that reporting within BVCMS just became even more flexible! Along with the flexibility that our robust Search Builder provides, our first iteration of Custom Reports now allows you to create an Excel spreadsheet, exported from the system, with only the information that you need.

We’ve already provided you with three example reports that illustrate the kind of information that you can produce with the Custom Reports. These reports are called “Email,” “Student and Parents,” and “AllColums.” You can run these reports from the Custom Reports section of the Cloud drop down on the Blue Toolbar anywhere that the Blue Toolbar is found.

System Admins can learn how to create additional customer reports on our Custom Reports Help Article. Your new custom report will now show up in the Blue Toolbar, along with the others that we’ve provided you.

One thought on “Custom Reports

  1. Charlynda Marckese

    It’s like Christmas morning every time I open up something new under BVCMS News! Thank you for this new option and everything you guys do! 🙂



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