New Meeting Feature for Admins

Mistakes happen. Sometimes a user will create meetings and record attendance (maybe for several organizations) before they realize that they created the meeting using the wrong date or the wrong time.

This most commonly happens when someone creates roll sheets from the Organization > Search page without including the Schedule in the filter. Then they scan the roll sheets to record attendance, using that incorrect date/time. If you select a Schedule, the date/time will be based on the Schedule, and the Meeting date will be correct for the next upcoming meeting. However, if you do not select a Schedule or if the Organizations do not have Schedules, the default will use the current date with a time of 8:00 AM. All you have to do at that point, is select the correct date and enter the correct time.

So, what do you do when meetings manage to get created and attendance entered for an incorrect date/time? You can create new meetings and enter the attendance again, then delete the incorrect meeting. However, sometimes, you just don’t want to spend the time doing that.

We now have a way for your BVCMS Admin to change the date and/or time on the meeting itself. Be forewarned, though – if the meeting has any Other Attends associated with it, those will still exist, even though the meeting for that date/time does not. So, if those are important to you, stick with the old way of deleting the meeting entirely and starting over.

What’s the takeaway here? Be cautious when creating meetings. If you follow proper procedures, they will be correct. But, if a mistake happens, there is a quicker way to fix it without having to recreate the meeting and enter all the attendance again.

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