New Option for Mailing Addresses

The new Mailing Address feature that we recently added has couple of important use cases. There are probably more, but these were the driving forces behind creating this.

Use Case 1: PO Boxes

There are certain parts of the country in which a family’s physical address is not the same  as their mailing address. Churches in these areas needed to be able to capture both addresses for a family – the physical address, so visits could be made and the mailing address, so they could receive mail.

Use Case 2: Nursing Homes

Most churches will fit this use case, because most churches have members in nursing homes or other facilities. Some of these will need their mail to go to their son or daughter’s address; but they need a physical address in the database, so they can receive visits from the church.

The Mailing Address feature is for the entire family and is accomplished by using a special Standard Family Extra Value. If this special extra value exists and has data in the proper format, that address will be used in the following outputs for everyone in the family:

  • Address Labels
    • Avery (pdf)
    • Avery Addr (Word)
    • Continuous Roll Labels
  • Export Excel
    • Mailing / Bulk (csv)
  • Contribution Statements
    • Statements (All)
    • Statements generated from the people record

This can be used for any family that wishes to receive their mail at an address that is different from their physical address – whether it is a PO Box, another street address, or perhaps their business address.

Remember, this is just for mailing purposes, so other exports and all directories will use the physical address.

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