Online Registration ‘Save Progress’ Feature

You now have the option to set a flag on an online registration that will allow a registrant who has logged in to Save Progress, Finish Later.


This will be extremely helpful in situations such as the following:

  • Mission trip registrations that have long forms and ask for information that the registrant may not have handy.
  • A person wants to register someone else, but needs more information about that person in order to complete the registration.
  • The registrant does not have their credit card in front of them when they get to the payment processing page.

In each of these cases (and many others, I’m sure), the Save Progress option would be very helpful. If the registrant selects that button instead of Submit, they will receive an email with a link that allows them to return and complete the registration later.

After clicking the link, they will be presented with two options: “Continue with your registration”, or “Start over with a new registration”.


There are a few important things to remember about this feature:

  1. The registration must have Use Bootstrap checked.
  2. The registration must have Allow Save Progress checked.
  3. The registrant must either receive a RegisterLink or log in.

Use Bootstrap and Allow Save Progress are checkboxes on the Settings > Registration tab for an organization.

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