New Special Online Giving Option

Does your church periodically have a seasonal campaign to raise money for something, such as Christmas gifts for children in your area, the Gideons, camp scholarships for students during the summer, or maybe just a push to build up your benevolence fund near the end of the year?

If so, you will be very pleased to hear about this new feature!

You can now create multiple organizations with a Registration Type of Online Giving and enter a Fund ID on the Fee tab of the organization, so that a donor can give to just that one fund. Post the registration link on your website – just like you do for any other online registration or online giving. Better yet – why not email a SendLink to your donors or include one in your emailed newsletter? Not familiar with SendLinks? Check them out HERE.

You may want to create just one organization for special giving and use it whenever you have one of these special campaigns. When the campaign is over, remove the link from the website and close the registration. When you are ready for another campaign, just change the Fund ID in the settings and communicate with your congregation both via email and on the website!

If your church is not currently using BVCMS for online giving, you will be interested to know that we now have four types of registrations relating to online giving:

  1. Online Giving (for one-time gifts)
  2. Managed Giving (for those who want to set up a schedule for recurring giving)
  3. Online Pledge (to capture their intent to give a designated amount to a specific fund)
  4. Special Giving (for the above-mentioned seasonal types of campaigns)

The first 2 types use the Online Sort that you specify in Fund Management. The Online Pledge and Special Giving types use the Fund ID you enter in the organization’s settings (on the Fees tab).

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