New Contribution Statement Option

We have added a new option for contribution statements – Electronic Only. This can be checked for donors who prefer to log on and generate their own contribution statements instead of receiving the printed ones mailed out by the church. When statements are generated, those donors can be excluded. You would email them when the last quarter’s contributions have been posted, so they would know when to log on for their statements.

My Data users can edit this themselves on the Giving > Statements tab, which is also where they will generate their own statements. The setting is also located on the Profile > Member tab.


Your church may want to send an email letting donors know of this new option, asking them to create a user account, if they do not have one already, and to set this option if they would like.

Another option would be to send a VoteLink to existing My Data users, asking those who would like to generate their own statements to use the one-click link. The link would enroll them in an organization you have created for this purpose. Then, it is a simple matter for the BVCMS Admin to tag everyone in the organization and use Batch Update to set the Electronic Only flag for everyone at one time.

Some churches may prefer to send every donor a year-end statement and take advantage of excluding those who opt-in for Electronic Only for the first three quarters of the year.

Whatever method you decide to use to poll your donors in order to set this flag and however you choose to use it, this can be a cost-saving feature for your church and a convenience for your donors.

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6 thoughts on “New Contribution Statement Option

  1. Jim Klopfenstein

    Are there any plans for an option to push the statements to the contributors in bulk? In other words, generate the statements and for those who are tagged as electronic only it would automatically create an email, attach a pdf copy of that persons statement and mail it out. I know the alternative would be for the bulk email to send instructions on how the contributor can access and download their statement, but most people feel more taken care of if you push it out to them rather than asking them to come get it.
    Thank you.


  2. Toby Brown

    I have an international donor who has not yet attended the church who has asked for their donation statement to be emailed to them since they still file and pay US taxes. Is there any reason he may object to having to create a My Data account?



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