Registration Title or Organization Name? You Decide!

For online registrations, you can now create a separate Registration Title that will display at the top of the page on the registration form in place of the Organization name.

You will find this new field on the Organization > Registration > Registration tab. It is just located beside the Registration Type. If there is nothing in the field, the Organization name will display as always.

Use Case:

Your church has a camp for your students once or twice a year for which you use an online registration.  The Organization, named Student Camp, is reused each year (or season) – dropping everyone and starting the registration again. With this new feature, you can keep the name of the organization the same (Student Camp), and use a Registration Title changing it for each registration to include, for example, the year and location – 2014 Beach Blast or 2015 Colorado Ski Retreat. 

Basically, the idea is that the Organization name stays fairly generic, which is useful when finding previous members over a span of years, but the Registration Title allows you be more specific on the online registration form.

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6 thoughts on “Registration Title or Organization Name? You Decide!

  1. Dan Perdue

    This is a great feature and one that I’m looking forward to using.

    I would also love the ability to change the HTML tag to match either the organization or this new registration title. I know this would probably involve dropping a replacement code in a shell, but I would greatly appreciate it.


  2. David

    Hi Dan, Thanks for the kudos. (BTW, all praise is fully discounted when it is used as an opportunity to immediately make a new feature request 🙂



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