New RegretsLink

We just created a RegretsLink to go hand-in-hand with the RSVPLink. As its name implies, the RegretsLink records a person’s regret that they will not be able to attend a specific meeting.

If you use both an RSVPLink and a RegretsLink in an email, you will be able to see at a glance on the Meeting page, those that have responded regarding an upcoming meeting/event. These links do not create small groups, instead they set a person’s commitment for a specific meeting.

As people begin responding after you send out these links, you will see three types of Commitments on the meeting page:

  • Attending – those who plan to attend and clicked the RSVPLink
  • Regrets – those who indicated they cannot attend and clicked the RegretsLink
  • Uncommitted – those who have not clicked on either link

We have also added some new Convert to Search options that relate specifically to these links. These are found under the gear icon on the Toolbar on the Meeting page.

I love this new option for several reasons. The main reason is that I can use an existing Organization, create future Meetings as needed, and capture the attendance intent of everyone enrolled in that organization. I think the best use case is for groups such as committees that have periodic meetings. You can email them from the Organization before each meeting to see if they plan to attend or not. And you will know exactly who to expect , who cannot come, and who has not responded.

Remember, if you use either of these links, the person who clicks on it will be enrolled in the organization. So, I would probably prefer to use the RegretsLink only for existing members of an Organization.

We also have a way for you to use a Saved Draft and not have to edit the link each time to change the Meeting ID#. You will want to check this out!

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Thank you to Englewood Baptist Church in Jackson, TN for sponsoring this new feature!

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