New Meetings Attendance Report in Excel or Numbers

We now have 2 versions of the Meetings Attendance report. Both are accessed from Organization > Search / Manage page using the blue Toolbar > cloud icon. One opens under the Reports section and opens in your browser for an onscreen report. The other is under the Export Excel section and will open in either Excel or Numbers, depending on the program you have on your computer.

For this report, you specify a date or a date range….and it displays multiple meetings…and it shows the attendance. This is why we renamed the report to Meetings / Attendance (date range). (Just between you and me, sometimes it’s hard to come up with an appropriately descriptive name!)

If you have never used the onscreen version, because you wanted to do more with the numbers; you may want to check out the new Excel/Numbers version. Or, if you are not using it to create a graph or subtotals, you may really prefer the onscreen report. I love both of them for different reasons. Same data, just different delivery.

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