New Login Page and Links

Did you notice the new Login page for BVCMS? We are continuing to make changes on some of the older pages within BVCMS, making them sleeker and more user-friendly. We have already heard from some of you with positive comments about this latest change! Thank you for those.

Notice that there are 2 links:

Need an Account? Request a password

Forgot your Password? Get a new one

Both of these take the user to a page where they can enter their email address or username. They will then be sent an email with their username and a link to set their password.

The on-screen message after they click the initial link, says for them to contact the church if they do not receive an email shortly. The reason they would not receive an email is either that they do not have an email address on their record, or that the email address is incorrect on their record.

When you receive one of those calls from someone trying to create an account, you have a responsibility to verify that you are indeed talking to the right person, before you change (or add) an email address on someone’s record.

Why be cautious? If someone calls the church, pretending to be another person and you change the email address for them, that impersonator can now access the other person’s giving record, family information, etc.

So, how do you handle these calls? It’s really pretty simple. Just ask the person to verify some information about themselves. Ask for their date of birth, phone number, address or perhaps the name of their Life Group leader. You might even ask them to give you the name of their spouse or child, it applicable.

Once you feel confident that you are speaking to the right person, you can add or correct their email address. Then direct the person to use the same link they tried earlier to set up their account.

One thought on “New Login Page and Links

  1. Lisa Passman

    Hi Karen – Yes, noticed first thing. I’m getting used to the changes, and yes, they are for the better. Thank you.



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