New Finance-Related User Role

This will be of interest to System Admins as well as those users who manage contributions and have the Finance role.

We recently added a new role named FinanceAdmin. Before we added this role, only a System Admin with Finance role could re-open a closed contribution bundle. That is by design to provide checks and balances. This protects not only the church, but also the users that deal with contributions. In other words, someone else would be aware that a bundle that has already been closed is being re-opened.

With this new role, however, a Finance user can be given the new FinanceAdmin role, and they will be able to re-open a closed bundle. Perhaps your church has one person that normally enters contributions and another who needs has the Finance role in order to view contribution reports. You may want to give that second person the new role, so that they would be able to open those closed bundles when necessary. 

Basically, this new role removes the responsibility of re-opening closed bundles from the System Admin and allows you to keep that function within the finance office.

Your church can determine if you want to use this role or not. 

Remember, only a user with both Admin and Finance can assign the Finance role.

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