Closing Classes for Checkin

It’s a good thing! Having classes that are full, that is. So, the question is this: “During checkin, how can you keep from adding guests to those full classes?”

The answer is simple.

Go to the Organization > Settings > Registration tab and check the box “Class Filled”.

Once that box is checked, those classes will not display when you are looking for a class for a person to visit. They will not even display if you press the ‘Magic Button’.

This checkbox was designed for use with online registrations, but works for checkin as described.

Remember, we also have the ‘Suspend Checkin’ option, which will not display the class initially; but will display it if you press the ‘Magic Button’.

So, you see, BVCMS has a couple of ways for you to manage your classes during checkin, if they are so full that you want to direct guests to other classes.

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