New Email Feature – Email Child and CC Parents

This new option – “Email Child with Parents CC’d” – is on the blue toolbar under the Envelope icon. When you select this option, an email will be sent to each child in your search and to each Primary Adult in that child’s family. If the child does not have an email address on their record, the copies will still be sent to the parents.

We added this feature in order to provide one solution to solve both of the following scenarios:

  • If you email the children – what if the child does not have an email address?
  • If you email the parents – what if the parents are not in the database or do not have email addresses?

This new feature can be used anytime you need to communicate regarding a child. But, for us, it has arrived just in time to make it easier for us to ensure that parents are informed of their child’s new class when we promote them. We plan to use it along with some fairly new email replacement codes in the body of the email in order to do just that.

Use Case:

Send an email reminder a couple of days before Promotion Sunday, reminding everyone of their new class information.

How to –

  • Run a search for everyone enrolled in a specific Program and Division, such as Life Groups-Older Preschool.
  • In the body of the email, insert the new email replacement codes that display the organization name, leader name, and location, using the Division ID that matches the one used in the the search.
  • Select Email Child with Parents CC’d and send the email.
  • Repeat as necessary so that each Division is emailed.

Result –

As long as either the child or one of the parents has an email address in BVCMS, every family will receive the new class information for their child and avoid confusion on Sunday morning.

NOTE: We use the Annual Promotion method at our church. So before we finalize promotion, we run the Promotion Export and create a mail merge so that we can mail a postcard with this information. The email will be a followup and one more way to make sure parents are informed and reminded of their child’s new class. Read more..

4 thoughts on “New Email Feature – Email Child and CC Parents

  1. Lisa Van Aken

    Fabulous! This is very helpful. Your new updates are wonderful. I would love to be able to use a cc: function in regular emails also, if you could add this to the wish list. I often send emails to individuals as the database administrator but would like to copy a ministry leader so he knows the message was sent, or to let the recipient know that the leader is aware of the same information.


    1. Heath Kouns

      +1 (Have commented on the usefulness of this feature previously – )
      It could be a “Dumb” text box where you simply type the email address … or it could be a “search” style box responding to the partial first name, partial last name format of other search boxes within BVCMS.

      … And I agree, the Updates are Great!


  2. Carol Lyvers

    Hooray! This new feature will help us with VBS and Children’s Ministries so we can send one email that will reach all participants and their families regardless of whether the email address is on the child’s or parent’s record. BVCMS keeps getting better and better – thank you!!!



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