Pardon our Dust

We are in the middle of a huge project to totally revamp our existing help documentation. Once it is finished, it will be much cleaner, clearer, better arranged, and have more consistency in style between the articles. Basically, it is going to look and act a lot better. In order to achieve that goal, we moved all the existing articles into a new environment.

This project is sort of like moving to a nicer house. You lovingly pack up everything, put it all in a truck and unpack it at the new house. However, as you know, moves are not as simple as that.

It’s hard work. Sometimes, you can’t find what you’re looking for. Things are just unsettled. At least, they are until that magical moment when you realize everything is in its place, the boxes are gone and you can relax and enjoy the beauty and functionality of your new home.

Well, we’re not there yet.

However, we are all working diligently to get to that point. During our move some of the links to other articles have been broken, some of the formatting got jiggled around, making things look odd…and, some content in some articles got lost in the move. 

Let me point out a few things you should know about Help, especially during this transition:

  • When you click ? Help now there is now a link for Documentation Home Page. This is where you will see our beautiful new table of contents. You can also reach that page from any new article, by clicking BVCMS Documentation in the header.
  • In the table of contents, click any of the color-coded sections to see the list of articles relating to that topic.
  • There is also a Search box where you can search as well.
  • If you click the old Context Sensitive Help Article link, you will notice a scary red message “These documentation pages have expired. They will eventually disappear from search engines.”  Those articles are still the same as always, and you can use them as a resource for now. There is also a link to take you to the new documentation page that corresponds to that old article.
  • On these new articles, look in the top left corner. If you see a little ‘todo’ message, that means that the article has not been completely revised in the new format. That message will disappear as we review and revise each article.
  • Because we are still revising and moving articles and because of the way Google Custom Search Engine works, the best way to find what you need for now may be to click Documentation Home Page and use the search you find there.

Thank you for your patience as we work to get everything in place. We are doing this for you! We are passionate about providing excellent help, both in our documentation and our support. And this project is just part that service.

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