A Couple of New Email Replacement Codes


You had an online registration with a fee and allowed the registrants to pay a deposit. Now it’s time to remind everyone to pay off the balance, but you know that many of them will not be able to find their email confirmation with the paylink.


Email the members directly from the toolbar on the organization and use any or all of the new email replacement codes:

  • {paylink}
  • {amount}
  • {amtpaid}
  • {amtdue}

Learn more

(see Use Case #2 in the section for Special Use Cases for Regular Emails)

5 thoughts on “A Couple of New Email Replacement Codes

  1. Timothy McCollum

    These payment codes have been very helpful.

    Is there a way to limit the scope of the email group so that only people who have a balance are emailed
    This way I do not populate the inbox of those who paid up front, with an email about finishing payment?


    1. David

      Yes, in Search Builder, there is a condition for that. The requirement for it to work is that the organization you are wanting to send an email to, must be the last one you looked at before going to search builder.

      Search Builder Condition for Has Balance



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