New Mission Trip Online Registration

We recently completed a very special type of online registration designed specifically to benefit mission trip participants (Goers), mission trip supporters (Senders), and the staff or lay leaders who are the administrators for those trips. Here are some basics premises relating to this type of registration that you need to understand before going any further:

  • This is an online registration feature, so it works best when fees and donations are made online using credit card or ACH transactions.
  • This is also a feature for the behavior of how members of the organization are managed as well. There are special small group designations (Goer and Sender) and ways to enter checks and cash for Senders.
  • Every fee paid by the registrant (the Goer) is automatically recorded as a tax-deductible donation.
  • Every donation made by a supporter (the Sender) is recorded as a tax-deductible donation.
  • A Donation from a Sender is paired with the Goer and reduces the goer’s balance.
  • Registrants can monitor their balance at any time.
  • Registrants can use BVCMS to send potential supporters an email containing a register link making it so easy for the sender to donate online.
  • Supporters can also be directed to a giving page using a link posted on Facebook or somewhere else. However, the previously-mentioned method with a register link in a supporter request email is much more convenient for the donor, since they don’t have to find their record or login (they will already be logged in when they click the link in the email). With the Facebook link, they would not have the convenience.

There is a lot more related to this type of registration. So if your church sends people on mission trips, you will want to check out this wonderful new online feature!

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